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Safe use of nanomaterials in the textile finishing industry.

• European Commission, Environment - Life Programme
LIFE is the EU’s financial instrument supporting environmental and nature conservation projects throughout the EU, as well as in some candidate, acceding and neighboring countries.

• Best LIFE Projects
The overall objective of the Best Projects exercise is to help improve the dissemination of LIFE project results by clearly identifying those projects whose results, if widely applied, could have the most positive impact on the environment .

• European Commission
The European Commission is the EU's executive body and represents the interests of Europe as a whole (as opposed to the interests of individual countries).

• AEI (Spanish Innovative Textiles Group of Companies)
AEI TÈXTILS is a non-profit organization representing the Catalan technical textiles cluster. It is formed by more than 30 members: SMEs, technological centers, research institutes, trade associations and other organizations related to the sector. Its aim is to promote cooperative R&D&I within the Catalan technical textiles sector.

• ETUI (European Trade Union Institute)
The European Trade Union Institute is the independent research and training centre of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) which itself affiliates European trade unions into a single European umbrella organisation. The ETUI places its expertise – acquired in particular in the context of its links with universities, academic and expert networks – in the service of workers’ interests at European level and of the strengthening of the social dimension of the European Union.

• EURATEX (European Apparel and Textile Confederation)
EURATEX is the European Confederation representing the interests at the level of the EU institutions of the European textile and clothing industries as a whole. The mission of EURATEX is to promote the competitiveness and the sustainable growth of the industrial T&C ( Textile&Clothing ) pipelines in Europe by promoting the interests of the industry towards European and international institutions.

• IVAM (Research and consultancy on sustainability)
IVAM is a research and consultancy agency in the field of sustainability, originating from the Interfaculty Environmental Science Department (IVAM) of the University of Amsterdam and the "Chemiewinkel Amsterdam". IVAM cooperates closely with clients to help them put their sustainable ambitions into practice. Our research and advice bring companies, governmental and social organizations further on the road to sustainability. Our research and advice provide a concrete and as far as possible quantitative interpretation of your sustainability ambitions.

• NIA (Nanotechnology Industries Association)
NIA stands for a framework of shared principles for the safe, sustainable and socially supportive development and use of nanotechnologies, as well as a publically and regulatory supportive environment for the continuing advancement and establishment of nanotechnology innovation.

LIFE TEXTILEATHER project focuses on the implementation of Multiple Laser Surface Technology (MLSE) for the treatment of textiles and leathers in order to provide them with functional properties.


• Nanogentools (Marie S.-Curie)
Desarrollo e implementación de nuevos métodos de análisis sobre nanoseguridad



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